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Automated procurement from planning to execution.

The Inpera Cloud Solution simplifies the procurement of construction services and materials for all companies within every building project.

Intuitive Efficient Flexible value added to your construction project

Obtain Services With Ease

Obtain Services With Ease

The Inpera Cloud Solution facilitates tendering, pitching, comparing offers and negotiating and placing for construction companies of any size. We connect your local needs with a nationwide supply: You benefit from the high availability and your partners benefit from a constant workload. Inpera matches the right partners for every building project quickly and easily.

Ciao copy-fax-scan routine! hello Future.

Obtain materials with ease

Obtain Materials With Ease

We ensure that service descriptions and product systems of manufacturers are matched more quickly and innovative product solutions are adequately considered. Construction companies of every kind will find comparable offers even easier and the Inpera Cloud Solution will help you receive appropriate products from suitable merchants. Why? Because pitching, supply use and maintenance are made much easier for all suppliers across the Inpera Cloud.

Auf Wiedersehen ring binder! hello Automation.

 Working together - efficiently and well-connected

Working together - efficiently and well-connected

We know the business! ...and something always goes wrong. What matters is that everyone is notified immediately. With our cloud-based solution all partners in every project communicate directly. All information is shared immediately with the right people, so that in the end the right material is in the right place at the right time.

Sayonara information chaos! hello real-time scheduling.

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Iwen Drantmann - CEO

Iwen Drantmann

Thanks to INPERA, procurement from my suppliers is finally efficient - I don't even need the buyer, whom I haven't been able to find for months.
Patrik Theis - Partner & CEO

Patrik Theis

Partner & CEO
INPERA will revolutionize procurement for the construction industry. The transparency and functionality of the platform make it possible to greatly improve material availability in construction projects and to make a major contribution to process optimization in construction. With the integration of BIM and Lean Construction Management, INPERA sets the right focus for future automation.
Marcel Neugebauer - CEO

Marcel Neugebauer

We have drastically reduced our purchasing costs through digitization. With INPERA, anyone can do that now, no matter the position of the suppliers. I can only recommend seizing the opportunity.