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The driving force

Inpera will shape the digitization of the construction industry - in Germany and internationally. More than a decade of constant work and mind games, expert discussions and hands-on experience embody this cloud solution. We are the driving force behind the digitization of the construction industry.

the inpera cloud

The Inpera Cloud

Inpera is a professional SaaS solution for the construction industry, automating the procurement of skilled construction and construction materials to all companies in a construction project. All purchasing, from subcontractor services to material, from tendering to billing, can be handled efficiently and without media discontinuity via Inpera.

Inpera brings together regional needs with supraregional offerings. As an independent technology partner, Inpera integrates itself multilaterally into the value added network of the construction industry and networks project-related companies with one another.

From professionals, for professionals:
Guaranteed practicality!

Inpera is developed by a very experienced team in close collaboration with strong companies in the industry. These include general contractors, the industry as well as the specialized trade, planning offices and project managers with the experience of thousands of projects.

from pros, for pros
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Jannes Viebrock


Digitization opens up opportunities to develop processes constantly and at high speed and, from building project to construction project, to initiate a very accelerated evolution because all data become usable.

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Connect via LinkedIn directly with the founder Jannes Viebrock.

Inpera All-Stars

The team of Inpera consists of technology and industry experts with many years of expertise in the construction industry, the building materials industry, the building materials trade, architecture and project management. A strong focus is on Lean Construction Management. Partly as a consultant in the automotive industry, the team has gained in-depth process experience of production and logistics network IT systems and developed an IoT platform for the real-time networking of supply chain and production at a large IT corporation. This deep industry knowledge is rounded off by many years of entrepreneurial and technological know-how in the field of platform development.

Inpera All-Stars