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INPERA now also optimizes its offerings with strong partners

Management and strategic investors predict enormous savings in process costs.

Inpera is developing a digital platform for the construction industry, with business processes be standardized along the construction value chain. As an independent Technology partner, Inpera is now expanding its existing procurement platform into one Cloud solution. This will drive automation along the entire value chain. Management and strategic investors promise the industry considerable Cost savings. "I do not consider the 10% general business costs up-to-date any more knows that Volkswagen achieves approximately 3 percent administrative costs (Annual Report VW 2017) ", explains Jannes Viebrock, Managing Director of Inpera and industry expert, "we will to change. The data-driven digitization offers enormous potential here, too Single production. "

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Interview with Jannes Viebrock, digitalization expert and founder Intelligent Supply Network INPERA on its vision for the construction industry

Mr. Viebrock, the industry has a lot of catching up to do in the field of digitization. Which challenges do you see?

The industry has some very specific hurdles to overcome, the process innovation over severely complicate several value creation stages: It can be found on any construction project that is universal in design and construction, always new partners who need to coordinate and organize. Digital networking of ERP systems, as other industries have long since implemented is therefore not possible.

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Digital procurement in the construction industry with Jannes Viebrock (INPERA)

What is Inpera?

Inpera is a digital procurement solution for the construction industry and sees itself as Technology provider, as a software-as-a-service solution. Inpera has no influence on that Pricing is not a retailer and is not a B2B marketplace copy-cat, as it might be on the market first look would expect. Unlike the "disruptive" platform approach in other industries Inpera tries to digitize the three-stage distribution in the building materials trade. Even if the pressure of digitization on the building materials trade is massively increasing due to the The importance of regional logistics continues in the building materials sector a big role.

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